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Frequently Asked Questions

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advice for brides
advice for brides

The Logistics of your day

“What happens if it rains?”

If it rains its rains- try not to worry about it. Your photographs will still be magical and creative. There will always be a back up plan incase of rain. Lighting stands can be set up quickly and we can find a pretty area to do the photographs. Equally if you don’t mind being outside in the rain (said no bride ever) I’m more than happy to go with you!

“What happens if you’ve never been to our wedding venue before?”

Unless your getting married more than an hour and a half drive from where I live (Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 2TN) I will go and scope out your venue before the big day. This helps me plan where to take the best shots and allows me to devise a back up plan incase of rain.

“Do you do group photos?”

Yes of course… if you would like them! Most couples aren’t fussed with standing around for group photos but I would recommend doing around 6-8 so you can remember family members in years to come. Please allow 45 minutes on your wedding day for it. At recent weddings I have been timing myself and the group photos are usually done and dusted within 30 minutes.  That is if everyone co-operates and we have made a list beforehand.

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“How long should we allow for couple portraits?”

I would advise allowing 20minutes after group photos but before dinner. If you’re having a summer wedding then sunset (around 8pm-9pm) is a perfect time to get some creative images of you both. Its entirely up to you how you want to spend your wedding day. I am at your disposal!

However, I would highly recommend factoring in time for some couple portraits.

“What information do you need from us before the wedding day?”

A month before your wedding I send out a questionnaire which will help make your day run as smoothly as possible. This will include all timings, venue addresses and group photo requests. The questionnaire gives you an opportunity to write down any extra request or photo ideas. Communication is key so feel free to write as much as you like on this form.

“How many photographs will we get and when can we expect them back?”

It depends how long I am at your wedding for. As a rule of thumb if I am there for longer than 8 hours you can expect between 400-500 full colour images and then between 100-150 B&W copies.

“Do we need to feed you on the day?”

Yes please! Its a long day and to keep me working to the best of my ability I will need food.

The Cost of your wedding photographer

“How much is it for a second shooter?”


Second shooters are great for larger wedding (120 guests+). If you are going to ask me to do a lot of group photos I also recommend a second shooter.

The second shooter will be there from when I start till after the first dance to ensure we capture all of the special moments. I use a few different second shooters and they all have similar styles to me and use professional photographic equipment. The second shooter will give me their cards at the end of the day. I then edit their photographs and you will receive them along with the rest.

“Do you require a deposit and when is it due?”

£200 will secure your wedding day. When I send the final invoice a month before your wedding, the £200 will be taken off. The £200 is non-refundable.

“How much are additional hours?”

If you have already booked package 1&3 (8 hours coverage) then decide you’d like additional coverage- I charge £100 an hour for up to 12 hours. If you would like longer coverage than 12 hours then we can discuss options but I will need a second shooter as I’d like your photos to be perfect!

“Is an album included?”

You can order an album before or after your wedding. To make your life easier I put the most popular album in package 2&4. If you get in contact with me I can send over an album brochure. The album brochure contains all the details on design, layout, ordering and prices.

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The What Ifs...

“What happens if you are ill, or there is an emergency?”

Fortunately this has never happened to me although I recognise that sickness and accidents are always a possibility.  I have an amazing network of photographers who I can contact very quickly and from experience with others I am confident I can find a suitable replacement to you at very short notice.

“Do you have insurance?”

Yes I have professional indemnity (up to £75,000) and public liability (up to £2m).

“What equipment do you use?”

I bring three cameras along to every wedding- I usually have two attached to me and one for backup and I mainly use a 5d MKIV.

“Will you share our photographs on your website/social media?”

Only if you have signed a contract that says this is ok. There are two contracts- one which states I won’t share photographs on my website/social media and one which says I can. You can choose which one to sign.

If you still have un-answered question please don’t hesitate to give me a ring on 07805484225 or get in contact here.