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My Approach to Wedding Photography

If you’ve looked around at a few photographers you’ve probably realised that they all call themselves something different. There’s reportage wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, fine art photography, natural light photography… the list goes on.

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….So what style is Eleanor Joy Photography?

To make things clearer for you I thought I’d write a little bit on how I view my own photographic style and what it means for your wedding photos.

I try to tailor my style to the couple I am working for. If they have told me they don’t want to spend too much time away from their guests then my documentary style kicks in . On the other hand if they want dramatic sunset images I would say my creative style takes pride of place.

I always endeavour to shoot weddings in the way I’d like my own to be shot. I try to balance out what I think is needed to tell your story in the very best and what will help make your day run as smoothly as possible.

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How do you go about photographing a wedding?…

In the morning I will photograph the dress, shoes, jewellery and anything else which is sentimental. After which your nearest and dearests have got used to me being around and I will start to photograph everything that’s going on. I continue to do this until group photograph time.

To keep the group photographs organised I will take a whole group photo of everyone (if that’s what you want) and then move onto the smaller groups.

It’s quite nice to go off and do couple portraits at some point in the day but apart from that I’ll be in the background documenting everything. I try to use natural light where I can but when it comes to speeches and dance photos I will set up lighting to get the best possible effect. I use flash guns but put them on the lowest power settings so as not to disrupt.

What happens after the wedding?…

On a full wedding day (9+ hours) I take between 1,500-2,000 images. On average I give back around 500-600 images. Plus 150 that have been edited into black and white.

I go through every single one of those 500-600 images and make sure they look on point. (Same goes for the black and whites)

If that means photoshopping some group photos to make peoples eyes look open then I will do it. I’m an unashamed perfectionist and will ensure your images look the best.

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How should we display our images?…

University taught me how to use the photographs I take to create book covers, illustrations and publications.

Now, I use that knowledge to create bespoke beautiful wedding albums.

Please click here to find out more.

personalised wedding album
personalised wedding album