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Hello, I’m Eleanor, a creative wedding photographer, designer and lover of life. I find inspiration from the people I meet, the places I’m in and the worlds I find within books.

I haven’t always been a wedding photographer. Once upon a time, I was a little baby: born to a vicar and a french teacher. When I became a child, I developed my love for people and an admiration for human interaction. When I became an adolescent, I was given my first camera and that is when I’d say I became a photographer.

The camera came everywhere with me: throughout Europe, Australia and Africa. It was by my side at school, sixth-form and university (BA Graphic Communication, Bath Spa). I’ve now been photographing weddings since 2013 (which is when I graduated University) and it’s part of who I am. It draws together all things I love in life and it thrills me to know the images I take will be passed on for generations to come.

surrey wedding photographer

surrey wedding photographer

My love for wedding photography…

My love for wedding photography is sustained through everyone and everything that inspires me. My passion for story telling and creativity rolls into a desire to make beautiful colourful images that will last the generations.

I’d like to be remembered as someone who made the world a little bit brighter. I like bringing joy to others and on your wedding day I will help you in every possible way to achieve your perfect images.

I do have other loves in my life apart from being a wedding photographer...

Photography from Surrey to Australia…

I have a husband called Michael who is an absolute star. He’s helped me in a lot of ways and I hope we continue helping each other for the rest of our lives. Michael is very tall and likes to play golf, he watches a lot of football and eats a lot of pizza. 

There is also Summer, our dog. She keeps me company when I’m not at weddings and follows me everywhere. She makes me laugh on a daily basis and has a tremendous personality.

My friends and family are a massive part of me and I’m ever so grateful for all the things we do for one another. My sisters and brother have definitely had a big impact on who I am and it’s great to be surrounded by kind, inspiring people who care about others.

Other hedonistic things I like- food, alcohol, travelling, reading, exercise, music and clothes.

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